Why FirstNet?

Police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and other public safety personnel need a reliable, resilient broadband network dedicated to public safety to perform their daily life-saving mission.

Public Safety Needs FirstNet Solution
Reliable data communications for daily and mission-critical use Priority and preemption: One interoperable broadband network dedicated to public safety rather than multiple separate, incompatible networks for improved communications and coordinated response
Access to mobile broadband, data, databases and applications Public-safety-grade mobile devices providing LTE wireless broadband connection. Shared data, images, video for situational awareness; maps/plans; medical and police records in real-time
Infrastructure redundancy Cell site power backup, hardening; rapid rerouting for communications without interruption
Rural and wilderness coverage Use of satellite and self-organizing network (SON) options outside of satellite coverage for no gaps in coverage
Best voice and data communications technologies available Use of existing land mobile radio (LMR) network assets for foreseeable future; and of existing broadband assets where possible for best service at reduced development cost