Data Collection

In planning for the implementation of a dedicated broadband network for our state's public safety community, it is essential that the community's mobile wireless data usage and needs are properly assessed. Accordingly, the FirstNetME team and MEMA have conducted a survey of Maine's public safety entities and stakeholders to collect information regarding the devices they currently use, the personnel who use them, and the carriers who provide service for them.

Contributing Agencies

  • Emergency Services Communication Bureau
  • Maine Emergency Management Agency
  • Department of Public Safety, Emergency Medical Services
  • Bureau of Parks and Public Lands
  • Office of GIS
  • Office of Information Technology Radio Services

FirstNet National Data Submission Statistics:

  • 47 States and Territories submitted data
  • 7 Federal agencies
  • 4,400+ files
  • 8.6GB of data
  • 10,800 PSEs
  • 1.3m+ Personnel represented
  • Maine's data submission was about 800MB - that is almost 1/8 of ALL the data collected for the entire USA

The data-collection phase is at a close and the survey submission deadline has passed. FirstNetME would like to extend a thank you to all of the public safety officials and personnel that participated and helped provide our project with extremely important information.

While the data-collection phase is at an end, please do not hesistate to reach out to FirstNetME consultant Adam Quinlan at (207) 358-7502 or for any questions or issues.