Why FirstNet?

Tech for your safety and theirs

Police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and other public safety personnel need a reliable, resilient broadband network dedicated to public safety to perform their daily life-saving mission.

On September 11, 1996, five years before the 9/11 terrorist attack which occurred in 2001, the Public Safety Wireless Advisory Committee (PSWAC) released its final report, which stated, "unless immediate measures are taken to alleviate spectrum shortfall and promote interoperability, public safety will not be able to adequately discharge their obligation to protect life and property in a safe, efficient, and cost-effective manner."

After 9/11, the public safety community fought hard to fulfill the 9/11 Commission's last standing recommendation and convince Congress that it needed a dedicated, reliable network to provide advanced data communications capabilities nationwide. During emergencies, public safety requires priority service and preemption.

Maine's Unique Safety Challenges

Maine has unique needs and coverage challenges, not the least being that it is the most rural state in the nation (2010 Census). FirstNetME aims to bridge the current gaps and reach unserved and underserved areas.
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