FirstNet and EMS

Broadband Reliabilty Built-In

When you respond to a call, information is an invaluable tool. From running a license plate to identifying where other officers are located, knowing as much as you can before you go in will improve safety and outcomes. But congestion on commercial wireless networks during a large event or emergency or a remote response location can limit your access to a data network – and the vital information you need. That's where FirstNet can help.

Interoperable connectivity

Whether responding to a multi-agency incident or simply sharing data between officers in your own department, FirstNet will provide law enforcement and other public safety disciplines priority network access and improved coverage. Additionally, the FirstNet network can better enable you to:

  • Use new audio reporting tools in the field that will help you be more efficient
  • Access photos and real-time audio/video feeds
  • Improve your situational awareness with mapping and asset tracking tools
  • Through a robust consultation effort with states, territories, tribes, public safety associations, first responders, and its Public Safety Advisory Committee (PSAC), FirstNet has turned to law enforcement as a guiding force in network planning to help ensure the network meets your needs

    Complementing Radio Waves

    The launch of the network will provide mission critical, high-speed data services and non-mission-critical voice to augment the capabilities of today's Land Mobile Radio (LMR) systems.

    Bring Your Own Device

    Volunteer law enforcement officers are an integral part of today's police operations. FirstNet plans to develop and implement policies and plans for individuals who want to transition to the FirstNet network.